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A place where true prayer is received, and answered

Angel Ulysses Light

As named of God!

An Angelic Flotilla

As photographed by Anthony Eugene Hunter (Blessed Brother Sirvante)

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The Witnessing of the Return of Jesus Christ;

 When I found this picture of Jesus a few years ago, God said, "This picture looks more like my son than any other."
To be able to journey with God is a universally unique privilege. There is nothing quite like moving in His contingency. It is a transcending experience. And as we are about to embark on a new faze of this most magnificent journey, I am liberated to now share a witnessing in recognition of the glory of God: In December of 2010, on the 17th of the month, I saw Christ Jesus, return to the world! He descended from Heaven in spiritual form. And it was broad daylight. With him as far as the eye could see, and all around Him were holy angels. They actually looked like light specks all across the eastern skies. The angels were in many different sizes and shapes. And they moved freely about the air as our lord, Christ Jesus draped in what appeared to be a misty type cloud looking spirit with a crimson colored robe continued to descend closer, and closer to where I was sitting, as instructed of God, on the side of my house that faced the east. When Christ the lord got to about roof level, He paused there for a moment, as I took a good look in total stunned surprise at what I was seeing. Then God said, " What do you see?" I responded, I think I see Jesus! And God said, "That's who it is!" Then Jesus disappeared. So I waited a moment and then asked God where He went? Then I looked back up toward the eastern skies; and off in the distance I could see the Holy Angels of light all over the sky! And then God allowed me to see Jesus in the spirit visually in my mind disappear behind the Angels at the crest of space. And almost instantly I saw him reappear in my minds eye visual at the praying wall in Israel. God explained to me that He went there to receive prayer from the praying wall: God said, "He went there to receive prayer!"
Anthony Eugene Hunter
aka: Blessed Brother Sirvante
"Bless you all in the name of Jesus!" 


The Santana Foundation "The Power of Us!"

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AUTHOR: Anthony Eugene Hunter (aka: Blessed Brother Sirvante)

"I am a Brother in the Priesthood in the Order of Aaron, as in Ancient Times;  which is also a Order I founded and run on the Internet.  I am also a self made man, and a Worldwide Evangelist"


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